Justice Master Sourcing Agreement

MSA ver 6.0 Updated Contact Details

Justice Transportation and Logistics

ascena Container Loading Procedures v4

Ascena Retail Routing Guide_April 2017_ ver 10.3

BOL example_Feb.072017

Density Calculator_Feb.07.2017

Domestic Transportation Routing Guide Version 1.1_Feb.07.2017

E Commerce Price Sticker 7-29-11

International Transportation Routing Guide_ver 11.2_Feb.07.2017

Letter to Vendors - Empty Pickup

Packing list Template 08


Justice Vendor and Factory Compliance Manual and Code of Conduct

Ascena Factory Profile ver 2_Aug.14.2017

FINAL_ICM ver 4 0 Aug 2017

Justice Product Integrity - Regulatory Requirements

For the following documents, please contact vendorleadtesting@tweenbrands.com:

3rd Party Sample Collection Process_PI_Vendor Guidance

2015 July Intertek Lab Contacts- Ascena Global Sourcing

Ascena Program Guidance for Vendors V5.1

CPC Instructions

CPC Template

Justice Children's INT'L Testing Manual

Justice RSL_v2.0

Lifestyle Label Placement Guideline - V1.0

TWB Sleepwear Flammability Manual v7




Washington State CSPA Memo April 2016


Justice Technical Design

For the following documents, please contact Dwashington@justiceretail.com:

Alva FF Memo - April 2016

How to Measure Guidelines Part 1

How to Measure Guidelines Part 2


Justice Trims – Labels

For the following documents, please contact Geae Dutson GDutson@justiceretail.com:

Avery Vendor User Guide - Tween Brands - Feb. 2017

International Labeling Guide v4.1

Justice Fabric and Color

For the following document, please contact Denise Silva DSilva@justiceretail.com or Chris Erfurt CErfurt@justiceretail.com:

Justice Fabric and Color Process v3.1 – FINAL


Justice Cancellation SellOff Policy

For the following document, please contact lmoore@ascenaglobalsourcing.com:

Justice Cancellation SellOff Policy Guide


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